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Aug 172011

Scott: The throw to first sails into the camera well on the side of the dugout.
LA: Nearly over the head of the Phanatic on top of the dugout.

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Aug 172011

Scott: The Phanatic has just milked a cow. And it’s chocolate milk.
LA: Only the Phanatic can do that.

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Aug 172011

Scott: When they asked you on the Daily News Live what the second best mascot is, you said, “The Phanatic.” Did you misunderstand the question?
LA: Just settin’ up the punch line.
Scott: Well when they asked you what the best mascot is, you said, “The Phanatic.”
LA: That way, there’s no close second.
Scott: I like how you backed yourself into a Phanatic compliment.

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Aug 182011

Scott: Mayberry now has 7 homers in 73 at-bats.
LA: That’s even better than the Phanatic.
Scott: You’re just saying that because he’s here.
LA: What a load.
Scott: He’s starting to break headsets, and everything else. Oh my goodness, I don’t think that table’s going to hold you.
Scott: Wow, he really doesn’t smell very good, does he? What was he doing in here?
LA: Well you are his favorite broadcaster, ya know?

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Sep 072011

Scott: Dan Uggla stole the Phanatic’s four-wheeler before the game. He then threw the key in the Braves dugout.

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Mar 032012

Scott: The Phanatic is here for spring training opening day. The information I have from the Phanatic’s best friend is that he will also be here for St. Patrick’s Day. Shocker.
LA: Hard to believe. That Phanatic can pick ‘em.

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Apr 022012

LA: Did you see the red Phanatic?
Scott: I did! Not too closely, though, which is the preferred way to see him, because you see him but don’t smell him.

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Apr 122012

LA: Why does this counter always shake at the start of the innings before I read something?
Scott: Cuz the Phanatic’s running by with a pan-load of hot dogs.

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Sep 122012

LA: The Phanatic’s found a seat in the front row.
Scott: He’s found a seat on someone in the front row.
LA: Dumpin’ popcorn on everybody. He’s annoying.

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Jun 012013

LA: That little girl was worried the Phanatic getting too close.
Scott: Ya don’t have to get very close before you start smelling him.

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Jul 312013

Scott: Phanatic is right below us sharing his popcorn.
LA: He’s sharing it with his friends next to him, as well as everyone below him.

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Mar 012014

Scott: The Phanatic is here for every home game this spring, for the first time ever.
LA: He’s gonna smell real good when it’s over.

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May 032014

LA: I’ll get it right eventually. It’s “Phanatic,” not “Phantic.”
Scott: And “Phanantic” will be next week.

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Sep 092014

LA: Somebody take these stats down to [Pirates pitcher] Justin Wilson that show Freddie Galvis hasn’t even attempted a steal this year! Stop throwing over!
Scott: Phanatic is laying down there, banging his head on the dugout.

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Mar 012016

LA: You know what I would look so good in? The Phanatic flare hair visor.
Scott: It’s for kids. Your squash might be a little big for it.

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May 182016

Scott: How did you get up so early for that interview this morning?
LA: Lots of deodorant.
Scott: Walked right by the shower without stopping! I thought I smelled something. I thought the Phanatic walked in!

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