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Aug 222011

LA: His shirt looked like he just pulled it out of his wallet. I said, “What did you do, iron it with a rock?” and then he showed me his other shirt with ice cream all down the front. Could you bring in one of Gus’s bibs tomorrow, please?
Scott: I’ll see what I can do.

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Aug 232011

LA: I thought [the earthquake] was just a gust of wind.
Scott: I thought it was just Gus.
LA: I thought the Nationals were playing a day game and Todd Coffey was running in from the bullpen.

LA: At the time, I was going for a bike ride and–
Scott: What??

LA: I thought it was either an earthquake or Sarge was nearby snoring.

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Apr 142012

JJ: Got Gus Franzke here. Gus got the headsets on. He’s ready. Looks like a future broadcaster.

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Apr 182012

LA: I went into a toy store to find something for Gus.

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Apr 222012

LA: It’s about time for a birthday cupcake. Happy birthday, Gus!

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Apr 252012

Scott: We have a plethora of snacks here in the booth.
LA: They’re rally snacks!
Scott: Thanks to the Gus man.
LA: Hope he doesn’t get mad at me. I’m eatin’ his Goldfish.
Scott: I’m supposed to bring ‘em home.

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Jun 122012

LA: I feel like I’m playing peek-a-boo with Gus. Watch the play, then duck behind the TV to shield the sun.

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Sep 192012

Scott: I don’t anticipate you’ll be here forever.
LA: If someone had their way, I might not be here now… Gus would miss me.
Scott: That’s a short list, but he’s on it.

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Oct 032012

LA: Pretty soon you’ll be home and Gus can help you work on your eating and drinking habits. I might stop by for some help too.

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Apr 252013

LA: Did you see the rings around Saturn last night? It was amazing.
Scott: If only I had my “noculators.”
LA: Should’ve borrowed Gus’s.

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Jun 052013

Scott: I drove all the way to drop Gus off at school with my cup of coffee on the roof. Then Gus said, “Dad, why’s your coffee up there?”

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Apr 222015

Scott: I bought a toy helicopter for Gus’s birthday today, which he thought was really cool, until Uncle Larry showed up and blew everybody out of the water.

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May 312015

Scott: We’ll be at the banquet, sitting at a table somewhere.
LA: Are you gonna bring Gus?
Scott: No.
LA: Who am I gonna talk to? On my wavelength?
Scott: That’s none of my concern.

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