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May 122012

Wheels: What makes Chooch a good hitter?
Cholly: He has a good load…

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May 072013

Uncle Cholly: I had Kratzy running on the pitch in the ninth with Galvis batting. Ya know what, Wheels? Columbus took chances and that’s how I look at it, and things like that.

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Jun 222013

Uncle Cholly: When we lose a game, I’m mad… Some nights I’m madder than others… Sometimes when I go over there [to the press room] ya know like, I’m pretty hot in the collar… If you’re gonna ask me a stupid question, you’re gonna more than likely– I’m gonna, you know– why shouldn’t I give you a stupid answer, and things like that.

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Jul 022013

Uncle Cholly: Ya know, when I was managing in Cleveland and we played here at PNC Park in interleague play, we didn’t win here neither.

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