Sep 072017

LA: What are you doing with my white out?
Scott: It’s my white out.
LA: This is black out!
Scott: Yours is probably somewhere on vacation for the ninth or tenth time this year.
LA: Takes me a while to figure out how to use your white out.
Scott: It’s more of an off-white out.

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Sep 122017

LA: I’m not bitter about it or anything.
Scott: Get off my lawn… Strike three and that retires the side.
LA: Get off the mound, bitterman!

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Sep 132017

Scott: Well-wed, Warry.
LA: Like ridin’ a bike.

LA: You wanna keep this guy off the bases, cuz he can wun like a wabbit!
Scott: One ball, one stwike… I think I lost my partner.
LA: Is this for real? Is this gonna last forever?!
Scott: Yep, we’re on the air.
LA: Regroup.

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Sep 212017

Scott: What is perceived speed?
LA: I don’t know. What is WAR?
Scott: And what is it good for?
LA: Absolutely nuthin’. But Cisco Kid was a friend of mine.

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Sep 272017

Scott: Double play.
LA: A pitcher’s best friend. Well, one of his best friends. A triple play is probably his best friend.
Scott: Won’t be a best friend if it doesn’t come around very often.
LA: True.
Scott: Friendship’s like a bank account — gotta make a deposit once in a while.

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Sep 292017

Scott: Not sure what happened to Travis d’Arnaud there.
LA: He blocked it and almost fell down.
Scott: Did a weeble-wobble.

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Sep 292017

LA: Hey Scott!
Scott: Hey what?
LA: Would you like to win four tickets to Sunday’s game and even throw out the first pitch?
Scott: That sounds great!
LA: Just Tweet a screen… grab and follow us on I.G. slash Snap and F.B. — Facebook, and you could win.
Scott: Do you know what I.G. is? Snap?… I’m getting a lot of blank stares.
LA: Inspector general.

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