May 052017

Scott: I guess we should have brought cake to the Friday night roundtable for your birthday.
LA: No.
Scott: Ice cream?
LA: In a plastic helmet.

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May 062017

LA: I don’t feel a day older than I did earlier today.
Scott: You’ll always get older, but you can stay immature forever.

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May 102017

Scott: What are we gonna do with this bullpen?

Scott: I’ll let you get back to me on that one
LA: Hold on, lemme finish my prayer.

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May 192017

Scott: What did you do in your time off?
LA: Build shelves! What else is there to do? I built two shelves in two days.
Scott: What did you do on the other two days?
LA: Had some grapes!

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May 222017

LA: If that isn’t a strike, there isn’t a strike in baseball.
Scott: Pitching coach Bob McClure comes out to talk to Eichoff. Maybe just to calm him down.
LA: Eichoff might have to calm McClure down.
Scott: Somebody might have to calm you down.

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May 242017

Scott: It’s the “Sunoco fueling victories” keys to the game. Larry, what’s it going to take to win today?
LA: Don’t you have an easier question to ask me? I don’t know.

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May 242017

LA: I was gonna get that bee.
Scott: What bee?
LA: That bee that was flying around that cord attached to the speaker in front of the booth. You can never be too careful.

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May 242017

Scott: That’s got disaster written all over it. The Phanatic with a tiny little baby in his hands… The baby is in tears now.

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May 252017

LA: Phillies pitchers should not be taking batting practice. They should be bunting. And when they’re not doing anything else, they should be bunting. And when they are doing something else, they should be bunting.

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May 312017

LA: It’s easier to play than it is to win, Scott!
Scott: We’ll be making dreams come true today in the fifth inning.

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May 312017

Scott: This contestant is from Ocean City, New Jersey. Or as it says here, “Ocena City.”
LA: Is that near Ocean City? The locals call it Ocena, I guess.

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