Mar 022017

Scott: Larry, I really hope that is the last time I’ll have to describe the action between Herrera and Carrera. Good thing Ryan Tapera wasn’t pitching.

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Mar 022017

LA: Here’s a Taylor Swift guitar pick, cuz I’m good friends with her dad.
Scott: What you should do is get her to autograph it, so you can give it to Pat Neshek, to add to his collection.

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Mar 022017

LA: I can never remember if it’s Saltalamacchia or Saltamalacchia. Did I just say the same thing twice?
Scott: No. “Salty” covers both

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Mar 022017

LA: I gotta keep moving for one more minute to reach my stand goal.
Scott: What’s a stand goal?
LA: I need to stand up for a certain amount of time each day. It’s on the watch– it’s an activity thing.

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