Sep 022016

LA: It kills me that guys today will complain about a high, hanging curve ball instead of hitting the– everything– out of it.
Scott: The stuffing.
LA: Yeah, that.

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Sep 052016

Scott: Ubaldo Jimenez is starting for the Orioles. Or as Larry likes to say, “Ubaldez.”
LA: Just shorten it down to one name!
Scott: Maybe we should just call you “Landersen.”

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Sep 082016

LA: My next dog I’m gonna name Stay. Then I can say, “C’mere, Stay!” Gonna be a confused dog.
Scott: You and me are gonna have a talk afterward.

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Sep 092016

Scott: Frank Herman has a degree from Harvard in economics.
LA: That’s why we don’t talk a lot. Basic “Hi, how ya doin’,” and that’s about all we have in common.

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Sep 122016

Scott: If Hellickson ate as many chicken wings as you did on the way over here, he would’ve been grazed by that pitch.

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Sep 162016

LA: With today’s supplements, it’s like you just walk in to GNC, like I did today, and anything you buy can have PEDs in it.
JJ: You go to GNC?
LA: I walked in the wrong door.

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Sep 212016

LA: Chris Sale has probably not donned the cover of many muscle magazines.
Scott: No, but he knows how to make a muscle shirt. Hide your scissors.

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Sep 212016

Scott: Yes, we’re going to New York, the city that never sleeps.
LA: Sometimes I feel like a city.
Scott: Whatever wounds you have in that regard are self inflicted.

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Sep 252016

Scott: The Braves will not mathematically be able to catch the Phillies for fourth place.
LA: You got the champagne?
Scott: I knew there was something I forgot.

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Sep 272016

LA: One more out and this game is official.
Scott: But we can’t stop playing unless it rains again. Any chance of that happening?

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Sep 292016

LA: I don’t know the difference between a strain and a sprain. Other than the letter.
Scott: A strain is what you put on my life.

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