Aug 022016

Scott: Oh, one more thing: did you get any ice cream in a tiny plastic helmet?
LA: No, it’s not best served that way.

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Aug 062016

Scott: This is not a game you want the Little Leaguers to listen to. Not sure how clean you’re going to keep it, Larry.

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Aug 132016

LA: “Get your tickets at Philly dot com.”
Scott: Phillies dot com.
LA: Phillies dot com. That sweat bead got the last S.

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Aug 162016

Scott: Does it matter whether they play Chase Utley’s old walk up music [now that he's with the Dodgers]?
LA: I can’t hear the music anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

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Aug 162016

Scott: Life is a journey of learning for you, Larry.
LA: I’m running out of learning time, though. Maybe not so much learning, but retention.

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Aug 262016

JJ: I think the assumption is that if you don’t like baseball now, you never will.
Scott: That’s just not true.
LA: Exactly! I didn’t like red wine when I was a kid, and look at me now!

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Aug 312016

LA: The question is, will Franco see more than one pitch per at-bat today?
Scott: Yes. Book it. Or there ain’t a cow in Texas.

Scott: First pitch is low and away, and Franco takes it for a ball.
LA: Yeah!
Scott: Moo.

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