Jun 062016

LA: I wish I knew how the review process worked in New York. Do they have to wake up the umpires and wait for them to take a shower?
Scott: How’s your day going otherwise, Larry?

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Jun 072016

Scott: And that’s “Tuesdays With Larry.” Now go get your ice cream in a tiny plastic helmet.
LA: Don’t forget the bubba!

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Jun 072016

Scott: Maybe that’s why these replay reviews take so long.
LA: I’m fine with it.
Scott: Tubes, what did you do with Larry Andersen!

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Jun 102016

Scott: You might still have a dot matrix printer.
LA: I might. I don’t know what that is.

LA: It’s something to do with a capacitor.
Scott: A flux capacitor?
LA: Right, that one.

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Jun 132016

LA: Ya know, if we get up early enough tomorrow [in Toronto] we can go up the CNN Tower.
Scott: It’s CN Tower, not CNN Tower.
LA: When did they change it?
Scott: That one N fell off the top.

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Jun 172016

Scott: It may take us some time to describe these new Diamondbacks uniforms.
LA: It shouldn’t take too long. Just say, “Ugly!”

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Jun 202016

LA: Okay, now we can start the rally.
Scott: I’m just kicking myself for not rooting for that D-Backs fourth run in the first inning, so we could start the four-run rally.

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Jun 202016

Scott: The D-Backs scored three in the first.
LA: But after that, the Phillies are winning 1-0!
Scott: It doesn’t work like that, Larry.

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Jun 212016

Scott: The Twins have been a major disappointment
LA: I hope your kids aren’t listening. You said twins.
Scott: They’re asleep at this point, but there is some truth to that statement.

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