May 042016

LA: Why is it that every time I look at the Gateway Arch, I think of a giant game of croquet? Imagine how large the ball would have to be.

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May 062016

LA: Denver is a city that’s walkable, has great food, and great cocktail scene, which I sampled in my younger days.
Scott: Yesterday?

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May 132016

LA: Why is all my stuff going haywire?
Scott: Maybe it’s like when your copier needed a new flux capacitor.

Scott: Maybe if you just give it a rest, turn it off for a while.
LA: My mic or my phone?

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May 182016

Scott: How did you get up so early for that interview this morning?
LA: Lots of deodorant.
Scott: Walked right by the shower without stopping! I thought I smelled something. I thought the Phanatic walked in!

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May 202016

Scott: No Lexi here for Bark At the Park Night?
LA: No, she’s tired. Had a good walk earlier today.
Scott: …And that’s ball four to Herrera. He had a good walk too!

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May 272016

LA: A grand slam is four runs.
Scott: They don’t call you the best color man in the business for nothing. You can’t get that kind of information just anywhere.

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May 292016

LA: What if they hold you longer for jury duty? Do you say, “Sorry, your honor, but I have to go give the Sunoco keys to the game!”

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May 292016

Scott: I not only have to describe the game to the listening audience, but also to Larry, who has now covered his eyes.

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