Apr 062016

Scott: Did I hear you right? Your 5 year, 10 day streak is over? You’ve finally gone to the gym?
LA: There’s only so many things you can do in this city [Cincinnati] before you say, “Time to go to the gym.”
Scott: You’ve heard it here, folks.

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Apr 142016

Scott: They’re doing some seat repair down there in the Hall of Fame Club, Larry. Did you break another seat?
LA: I thought Sarge was in the suites!

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Apr 152016

Scott: Boy these replays sure are exciting, aren’t they Larry?
LA: They’re ridiculous. But that’s just my opinion.

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Apr 152016

Scott: Larry, did you see Hellickson tipping his pitches?
LA: Uh… don’t tell.
Ben: The Nationals are listening right now. They don’t miss a Phillies roundtable.
LA: We do!
Stairs: We’ve only missed one this year.
Ben: Out of one!

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Apr 272016

Scott: It’s the fourth inning, and this is the inning you’ve been waiting for.
Scott: Settle down, Larry!

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