Mar 112016

Scott: We’re springing forward this weekend?
LA: I already fell back.
Scott: You’re always falling backward.
LA: It’ll be here before this game’s over.
Scott: You’re the epitome of a backslider.
LA: Or a back door slider.

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Mar 112016

Scott: There’s always the potential of a long ride home [from Orlando to Tampa].
LA: Not if we’re late for rush hour!

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Mar 112016

Scott: Wait a second, the Braves have four number 75s. Now I’m starting to think this piece of paper is wrong.
LA: I was #112 once. They pinned a 1 in front of the number 12. That’s when you know you’re probably not gonna make the team.

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Mar 112016

LA: Do you know what Snapchat is?
Scott: No, ask the kids.
LA: They just laugh at me.
Scott: Well so do the adults, but that’s okay.

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Mar 112016

LA: Our Snapchat man is here!
Scott: He didn’t just disappear?
LA: He’s supposed to disappear after 10 seconds, but he’s still here!

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