Sep 072015

LA: I’m not qua- qual- qualified enough to give a talk on college night.
Scott: Pretty obvious, the way you got that sentence out!
LA: I rest my case!

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Sep 072015

LA: This is the first time this year that Williams Perez has struck out 6 batters.
Scott: A new season high.
LA: No, I didn’t say that. It’s just the first time he has struck out exactly 6. He had 7 as well.

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Sep 072015

LA: Why would [pitching coach] Roger McDowell go out to talk to [pitcher] Perez right after a strikeout? To congratulate him on reaching his career-high in one game?
Scott: I don’t know if you noticed, but Roger McDowell presented him with a little trophy.

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Sep 072015

LA: My hands are still sore from catching that ball yesterday. From reaching into my briefcase to get the ball.
Scott: From patting yourself on the back for such a clever maneuver.

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