Aug 132015

LA: If you have kids, just put Chase Anderson on to help them go to sleep at night. Snail’s pace.
Scott: I’m gonna try that!

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Aug 132015

LA: It takes them five minutes to decide whether than challenge, then five more minutes to see the replays. I hate this.
Scott: How can they improve it?
LA: Do away with it. Go back to “let’s play baseball.” Seemed to work okay for 120 years.

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Aug 132015

LA: Both teams have two 1-2-3 innings.
Scott: What?
LA: Each team has two 1-2-3 innings.
Scott: The D-Backs have three of them.
LA: Oh.
The Phillies have one.
LA: Didn’t see that leadoff single in the fourth. Nevermind!
Scott: Heck of a story, Larry. Tell it again sometime.

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