May 042015

LA: If you’re fast, why don’t you run fast if you’re fast?
Scott: I don’t know. I’m not fast.
LA: Well if you run medium, don’t you run medium?
Scott: Generally.

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May 042015

Scott: It’s the big Seis de Mayo [Larry's birthday] in two days. I searched all day today for your gift.
LA: And found nothing.
Scott: Pretty much. What do you get the friend who has everything?
LA: Like you suggested earlier, how about a round of golf “without you”?

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May 042015

Scott: May the Fourth be with you.
LA: Oh no you didn’t.
Scott: Everybody’s saying that!
LA: Really?
Scott: Yes! Didn’t you read the game notes? There’s a few references in there.
LA: I try not too.

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