Apr 102015

Scott: Everything okay there, partner? TV not working?
LA: Works now! They just don’t work good when they’re not plugged in.

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Apr 102015

LA: I swear they must have groups of 25 or more who come in here at night and just play with stuff.
Scott: Do you feel your workspace has been tampered with?
LA: Violated.

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Apr 102015

LA: Gio Gonzalez has a very good curve ball–
Scott: Base hit by Revere.
LA: And Ben Revere just had a sandwich with it… Yeah.

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Apr 102015

LA: I hope the Hall of Fame never comes knocking on the door for my scorebook. Not that they ever would.
Scott: Don’t sell yourself short, partner.

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Apr 102015

Scott: What are you doing with the lights there?
LA: The shadow is on my scorebook, and the track lighting isn’t bright enough, so I figure if I move it over a bit and bounce it off the wall, then…

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