Sep 092014

Scott: He’s listed as day-to-day, but everybody is pretty much day-to-day at this time of year.
LA: Especially in this booth.

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Sep 092014

Scott: Vance Worley will be facing the Phils tomorrow night–
LA: Vanimal!
Scott: Versus Jerome Williams — Jerominal!

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Sep 092014

Scott: Did you ever get tossed from a game, as a coach?
LA: No.
Scott: As a player?
LA: Yeah. For throwing at a guy.
Scott: Hard to believe you would be that way. You’re so mild-mannered.

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Sep 092014

LA: Somebody take these stats down to [Pirates pitcher] Justin Wilson that show Freddie Galvis hasn’t even attempted a steal this year! Stop throwing over!
Scott: Phanatic is laying down there, banging his head on the dugout.

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