Jul 012014

Scott: Marlon Byrd hits a home run and it rattles off the home run structure — that painted steel with mechanized elements!

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Jul 122014

Scott: He’s standing in the outfield at the ready position, just as they teach you in Little League to prevent you from getting bored and staring at butterflies — knees bent and on your toes. What are you looking at?
LA: A butterfly.

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Jul 202014

Scott: Every time a foul ball comes within the same zip code of us, Larry grabs a ball and holds it up for everyone to see. He figures there’s someone, somewhere in the stands who loses track of the ball and looks up and sees you holding it.

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Jul 222014

Scott: We have another 12-inning game.
LA: Well at least they’re quick.
Scott: Quick, if you measure it in–
LA: Ice ages!

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Jul 292014

LA: This Mets pitching staff is the opposite of the Giants’. It’s like the tall, skinny guys versus the short, fat guys.

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