May 032014

LA: I’ll get it right eventually. It’s “Phanatic,” not “Phantic.”
Scott: And “Phanantic” will be next week.

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May 032014

On April 25, 2014 vs. the Dodgers, some new transition songs were played, including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the Zombies’ “Time of the Season.” I have never heard them again on Phillies radio, so I am not putting them on the official song list.

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May 052014

LA: How did he not get a double on that?
Scott: He’s not very fast.
LA: I could have gotten a double on that.
Scott: Well, let’s not push it.
LA: I would have rounded first.

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May 072014

Scott: It’s not an overwhelming crowd here tonight at Rogers Center. But it’s a big building. It can hide a lot of fans sometimes.

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May 232014

LA: It’s always good to hit a home run on your birthday.
Scott: Did you ever do that?
LA: No, I didn’t believe in it at the time.
Scott: Something you subscribed to later in life.

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May 302014

LA: Wow, how many runs has Marlon Byrd saved in right field this year, compared to last year?
Scott: I don’t think you can calculate it.
LA: Infinity.

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