Sep 042013

Scott: Halladay is 0-for-14 this year.
LA: The good thing is that he’s only struck out 13 times.
Scott: And he hasn’t struck out at all in his last 1 at bats.

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Sep 102013

LA: The Phillies should be ready to go, since they just had their first day off in 24 days.
Scott: No, they just had two days off in the last 4 days.

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Sep 172013

Scott: I bet you’re a big fan of Archimedes.
LA: What’s that, Spanish for arithmetic?
Scott: Mathemetician, astronomer, scientist…
LA: We have a lot in common. How did he have time to pitch?

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Sep 192013

Scott: So what are your keys to the game, Larry?
LA: Get ‘em next year.
Scott: You didn’t take your positive pill, did you?

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Sep 222013

LA: We’d like to thank our friends in the TV broadcast booth for allowing us to win most of our golf matches this year.

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Sep 242013

LA: The hashtag says “ThxPhansRules” but the website is “”.
Scott: Conundrum.
LA: What’s that?

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Sep 242013

Scott: Logan Morrison thinks the fences should be moved in here at Marlins Park.
LA: That might help, but then there would be even more empty seats.

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Sep 282013

Scott: Gerald Laird says he’s been trying to lose weight. His goal is 8 pounds.
LA: That’s like throwing a lawn chair off the Titanic.
Scott: Now that’s not nice.
LA: It might not be.

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