Jul 022013

Uncle Cholly: Ya know, when I was managing in Cleveland and we played here at PNC Park in interleague play, we didn’t win here neither.

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Jul 022013

Scott: No Phillies player, Larry, has ever hit one into the Allegheny River. It’s been done 34 times by a total of 23 different players.
LA: I assume that’s the Allegheny out there behind right field?
Scott: Yeah.

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Jul 022013

Scott: What do you have over there? A tick?
LA: I don’t know. I guess. Looks like a tick, doesn’t it?
Scott: It does look like a tick. Where’d you find that?
LA: On my neck.
Scott: Not a good place for it. Was it on your neck cuz it couldn’t find your hair?
LA: Yeah! Tryin’ to climb– couldn’t find it!

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Jul 022013

Scott: I’m not trying to put words in your mouth. I’m just trying to give you options.
LA: I need words in my mouth, cuz some of the words that come out of my mouth I shouldn’t be sayin’.
Scott: They shouldn’t be uttered.

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