Jun 012013

LA: Maybe we can take another vacation not together.
Scott: That would be awesome. I love taking vacations not together with you. It’s kinda like some of our nights here in the booth. I mean you’re here, but you’re not really here.

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Jun 012013

LA: That little girl was worried the Phanatic getting too close.
Scott: Ya don’t have to get very close before you start smelling him.

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Jun 042013

Scott: If you’re in the stands right now and your name is Bob, the others booing are not booing you.
LA: Perhaps Bob Davidson, the second base umpire?

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Jun 052013

Scott: I drove all the way to drop Gus off at school with my cup of coffee on the roof. Then Gus said, “Dad, why’s your coffee up there?”

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Jun 062013

LA: Did you know the hotel we are staying in is haunted? I got spooked.
Scott: Did you turn on the light in the bathroom and see yourself in the mirror?
LA: Yes! That’s exactly what happened!

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Jun 062013

Scott: You pointed out yesterday that it is good to hit more home runs than you give up, which I thought was profound analysis.
LA: You can’t get that just anywhere.

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Jun 072013

LA: Got a hole in your lip?
Scott: I tried to delicately sip my coffee without moving the mic.
LA: How’d that work out for ya?
Scott: Not well. But I can handle it. I’m a professional.

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Jun 112013

Scott: You should download the new home run derby app and tell us all about it.
LA: Right now?
Scott: You got something else to do?

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Jun 122013

LA: It’s been muggy the last couple days.
Scott: That’s not what they taught you at the positivity class this morning.
LA: It’s not a bad thing! In fact, I was thinking, “How nice and muggy it is!”

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Jun 122013

LA: I said that just as a teaser to get people to listen… Hello?? Why would they listen? You don’t listen to me!
Scott: Stinks, doesn’t it?

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Jun 142013

Scott: We should have faster Internet here in Denver, since we’re closer to the cloud.
LA: We’re also closer to the sun, so you might want to bring your skunk screen.

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Jun 142013

Scott: Frandsen was called safe but I think he missed the plate.
LA: Now you’re getting picky, like you actually have to touch the plate to be safe.

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Jun 182013

LA: I’ve been having trouble multi-tasking lately.
Scott: Like for most of your life?
LA: Only the last fifty or so years.

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Jun 182013

Scott: I have good news and bad news.
LA: Hold on. Let me take a positive pill.
Scott: Bad news is we have to face Matt Harvey on Sunday.
LA: Good news?
Scott: We don’t have to face him until Sunday.

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Jun 192013

Scott: What happened to you?
LA: There was a dragonfly attackin’ me!
Scott: I’m sure you did something to deserve it.
LA: I wanted to wish it a happy birthday, and all of a sudden I was under attack.

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Jun 222013

Uncle Cholly: When we lose a game, I’m mad… Some nights I’m madder than others… Sometimes when I go over there [to the press room] ya know like, I’m pretty hot in the collar… If you’re gonna ask me a stupid question, you’re gonna more than likely– I’m gonna, you know– why shouldn’t I give you a stupid answer, and things like that.

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Jun 222013

Scott: The Mets have a lefter out there warming up for the ninth inning.
LA: A what?
Scott: A left-hander. What did I say?
LA: A lefter.
Scott: Really? I lefter little out there.

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Jun 252013

Scott: Did you go to the zoo today?
LA: No.
Scott: Sea World?
LA: No.
Scott: Lego World?
LA: No. I was in my own world. Larry’s world.
Scott: As usual.
LA: Not sure where I was.
Scott: Pretty typical.

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Jun 272013

LA: I’ll be honest, this umpiring crew is not one of my favorites.
Scott: They rank right up there near the bottom with the rest of ‘em!

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Jun 272013

Scott: They work at a different speed here in southern California.
LA: Not fast paced… hey there’s something you never see — beach balls at Dodger Stadium.

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Jun 272013

LA: You look at me like I don’t know anything about mountains.
Scott: Given the early time of our arrival, I wasn’t sure you’d even know what city we’re in.

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Jun 282013

LA: If the Phils keep scoring three runs an inning in this game, the Dodgers will end up using Fumimasa Ishibashi.
Scott: Who’s he?
LA: He’s their bullpen catcher.
Scott: You guys are tight? Maybe you just call him Fubi.
LA: Yeah. Or Bash.

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