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Aug 182011

LA: Oh, boy. Better hit the censor button.
Scott: If you think we’re turning that mic on, you’ve got to be kidding. I don’t even think this is legal. Can Shane Victorino be on the air right now during a suspension?
LA: I think so. Ricky Bottalico did it once. See it’s not that easy, Shane. How are you enjoying your time off?
Shane: It’s awful. I’m miserable right now.
Scott: In general, you’re kind of a low-energy guy, so I bet you can sit around and relax.
LA: I don’t think you had a choice. I think they kicked you out of the clubhouse.
Scott: That centerfielder by the way, he’s got it nailed down tonight.
Shane: He’s actually pretty good. That’s why I need to go talk to Ruben Amaro [about my contract extension]. Yeah go ahead Mayberry, hit another homer.

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